Review Organii Purifying Hand Gel and Surface Spray

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Review Organii Everyday Organics Hand Gel and Surface Spray
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I had never used a hand sanitiser prior to the pandemic as they are not eczema friendly. The high percentage of alcohol required to kill germs can be painful on delicate skin. Handwashing with soap is our first line of defence against illness but hand sanitisers have become a necessity when grocery shopping or in the office. During the last twelve months I've struggled to find a natural brand offering a formulation that doesn't contain linalool. I have been using Biovène Barcelona 70% Alcohol Hand Cleansing Gel but was excited to see Organii launch a hand gel. Any long time readers will know Organii is a brand I have supported for a long time. I like that their products are affordable, organic, suitable for vegans and effective. I can no longer be without their Shea Butter Body Wash.

Organii Hand Gel - this gel does contains limonene but not linalool so that helps eliminate one of my personal concerns. Organii hand gel is certified natural by Eco Bio Control with 60% alcohol including aloe vera and glycerin for skin hydration. The smaller bottle is perfect for deep pockets and bags so I carry it with me when I make those occasional trips to the supermarket. If hand santisiers are our new future then it's important to me to opt for cruelty free brands and Organii ticks the box. This hand gel is a liquid consistency compared to others but I have no issue with that. I can't prevent the long term effects of alcohol on my eczema as it will always be stripping of moisture but Organii hand gel feels comfortable on my skin which is important.

Organii Surface Spray - pocket sized so works well on the go. I've been using this one on shopping trolley handles but it is suitable for other surfaces such as door handles and tables. The formulation is based on alcohol and tea tree essential oils due to its anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects. As expected with Organii products the surface spray is also certified natural and cruelty free.

Once again I'm more than happy to recommend Organii to you. Even though I wish sanitising hand gels were not a staple part of daily life and that this virus would bugger of. If we must use products to help prevent the spread I'm comfortable relying on Organii to help me out. 

Organii Hand Gel and Surface Spray are available to buy through online retailers If you missed my December review then hop across to this blog post - Sukin Spot Banishing Gel

Sarah x


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