Review The English Mineral Makeup Company Lip Massive Moisture Drench (Barely There)

The English Mineral Makeup Company Lip Massive Moisture Drench (Barely There)
(Gifted Unpaid Sample)

I know The English Mineral Makeup Company (EMM) through their makeup products but they do have a small skincare range. Recently they launched a lip moisturiser. This product is more than your average lip balm, it's an intensive hit of moisturisation which I am sure would tackle the driest of skin. 

The little pot of Lip Massive Moisture Drench packs a mighty punch and soothes sore lips. It's a vegan formulation without flavourings and contains jojoba, caster oil, calendula, sea buckthorn, rosehip, apricot, shea butter and hemp. The texture took me by surprise as it's super soft, buttery and not sticky which makes for a delightful application. You can use as you wish but overnight applications provide the maximum moisture drench and you'll wake up with soft skin.

Lip Massive Moisture Drench is available in Barely There (a colour free version) and Barely Peony which gives a soft touch of colour to flush your lips. The English Mineral Makeup Company pays attention to packaging and it never disappoints. The beautiful imagery and glossy cardboard make their products feel luxurious and special. The Lip Massive Moisture Drench comes in a glass pot with aluminum lid and both can be recycled.

I'm happy to recommend Lip Massive Moisture Drench because I enjoy using the product and I feel the benefits on my lips. I enjoy the texture, ease of application and the end results. Sometimes it's the simplest of products that are the most impactful. For more information on this lip balm or other products, please visit The English Mineral Makeup Company website.

Sarah x