Review Boo Cottage Botanicals Chamomile Cleanser

Boo Cottage Botanicals Chamomile Cleanser
(I purchased this product)

I've known Boo Cottage Botanicals for a little while as I encountered them while judging for the Free From Skincare Awards. The other year they successfully medalled. Whilst on the hunt for a new cleanser, I was browsing lots of brands but was drawn back towards them. I hadn't realised that their Chamomile Cleanser was a balm to milk formulation otherwise I definitely would have ordered sooner. I'm writing this review having just ordered my second jar so that has got to be a good indication of how much I like it.

Boo Cottage Botanicals Chamomile Cleaner is suitable for vegans and free from essential oil allergens. The formulation is made with mango butter, castor oil, kaolin clay, coconut oil and of course chamomile. I'm hooked on the texture. It's the softest, most buttery balm I have encountered in a very long time and is an absolute pleasure to massage onto your skin. As I previously mentioned, Boo Cottage cleanser is a balm to milk formulation and can easily be removed with water. If you have ever felt that oils or balms leave the sensation of a greasy film then these types of cleansers are the best solution. After cleansing I honestly feel like I've been left with silky, clean skin but never have the feeling that I can't remove all the produce from my face. You can visibly see how it cleanses daily makeup and grime especially if you use a white flannel or cloth to aid removal. 

Boo Cottage has a small business feel about it. The amber glass jar can be recycled or repurposed and the aluminium lid is also recyclable. If you are cutting back on plastics then Boo Cottage is a company that can support you in your efforts. As you'd expect the chamomile cleanser is just one of many products available. For those with sensitive skin, check out the dedicated section on their website which includes balms, soaps, face oils and haircare. 

I'm more than happy to give Boo Cottage Botanicals Chamomile Cleaner my honest recommendation and I would encourage you to check them out for yourself. 

Sarah x