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Sunday Catch Up - Competition Prizes & Cupcakes

To be honest not much has happened this week so this will be a short and sweet catch up.  I recently have been lucky enough to win a couple of Twitter RT competitions

Eco Egg Dr Organic Naturtint

I won Ecoegg stain remover, Dr Organic Lavender Lotion and Naturtint shampoo and conditioner.  As you know I am a fan of Dr Organic and I dye my hair with Naturtint (click here for a review). I already know I like the hair care because sachets are supplied in the hair dye box.

I finally got around to spending my birthday money on a new camera. I have been wanting to up grade for ages. I am heading to Rome in October so a perfect excuse. I was only looking for a point and shoot and after researching the market I chose the Samsung ST66 for £67. Hopefully you will see an improvement with picture quality on my blog.

sugarpuffish vegan cupcakes

Thanks to it being a Bank Holiday weekend I have time on my hands for baking. I tested out another recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World (amazon link). This batch is Lemon, Macadamia and Dairy Free White Chocolate. These taste great as they are so I decided not to overload them with buttercream instead I drizzled some lemon icing over the top.


  1. Congrats on your win! Those products look fabulous and those cakes look delicious! Definitely hungry now!


    1. Thank you very much for the lovely comment, you shall have to go raid the biscuit tin now, sorry about that :)