Review Greenscents Organic and Vegan cleaning products for your home - Multi Surface Spray

greenscents natural organic vegan cleaning products for around the home
(Gifted PR samples)

I have mentioned before that I prefer buying household cleaners that are cruelty free, vegan, environmentally conscious and free from strong synthetic ingredients (e.g bleach or SLS) and artificial fragrances. I have previously used around my home products from Method, Astonish and Ecover but I recently discovered Greenscents, a family business based in Somerset.

Christina established Greenscents because her family has allergies, sensitivities and food intolerances. Products are formulated using organic ingredients with essential oil fragrances (fragrance free options are also available). They are certified by the Soil Association, Allergy UK (for nonscents range), Vegan Society and BUAV. Bottles are recyclable and sustainable.

The Greenscents range includes multi-surface spray, washing up liquid, floor soap, loo cleaner, liquid laundry and conditioner. Depending on the product you select the fragrance options are Citrus, Herbal, Lavender, Minty or unfragranced (nonscent). My parcel included the citrus washing up liquid, minty multi surface spray and lavender laundry conditioner. I opted to test fragranced products because I always wear rubber gloves when cleaning so I'm not concerned about skin reactions. When it comes to the laundry conditioner I'm selective about how and for what I use it on. 

I abandoned mainstream washing up liquids such as Fairy a long time ago because I was plagued with allergic reactions and wanted to be cruelty free and eco-friendly. I've tried a number of brands but first thing I noticed about the Greenscents washing up liquid was the lovely citrus aroma. Even though this is formulated without SLS and SLES you can expect a good amount of soap suds.  Of course suds don't clean dishes but I think people find a level of comfort in a product that foams. Pictured above you can see the soap suds it creates in our washing up bowl. My partner and I are very happy with how clean we can get the dishes and oven tray. You still require elbow grease on tough stains but Greenscents compares well to leading brands.

As sad as it sounds I do enjoy using the minty surface cleaner in our kitchen. It has a fantastic punchy mint aroma which lingers. The fragrance definitely evokes the feeling of cleanliness and freshness. It cleans away spills easily without the need for effort even if it's sticky fruit juice or grease splatters. I've been very impressed by this product and I can see myself re-purchasing (2020 Update - still buying this product & it continues to be a part of my household cleaning routine)

Lavender is one of my favourite scents so the laundry conditioner was always going to be a winner on aroma. I'm impressed that I can still notice a hint of fragrance after clothing has been tumble dried. The ultimate test for me is on bedding and towels and this leaves them as soft as other brands. I do struggle a little on measuring out the correct quantity. The dosage suggestion per load is 30mls and what initially threw me was not having measuring markers on the cap which is generally standard with supermarket brands (for comparison I pictured above the Greenscents cap (on right) against Ecover (yellow on left). Christina has informed me that two full caps is roughly the amount you require.

How do these products compare on price? You are going to pay a little more than in the supermarket however if you are concerned about supporting British business, the environment, allergies and cruelty to animals then I think you are probably the type of consumer who is willing to spend a little extra.

Sarah x

Note: I'm aware that Method & Ecover are controversial brands regarding their cruelty free status and since writing the reviews linked in this article they were acquired by SC Johnson


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