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Natures Purest Sleepy Sheepy - 100% Pure & Natural

I have Charlie of Sophia's Choice to thank for this gorgeous discovery. Natures Purest offers a range of children's clothing and toys made using natural cotton that is 100% free from dyes, bleach, chemical pesticides, heavy metals, formaldehyde, chlorinated phenols, chloro-organic carriers and biologically active finishes. This is good news for delicate skin and the environment.

Charlie's blog post was perfect timing because I was looking for a baby gift as my BFF is due to have a baby girl in September. I spent ages looking through the website and was struggling to decide on a gift. In the end my Twitter followers came to the rescue and Sleepy Sheepy won the vote. I have to say delivery was quick and I am totally in love with these cute sheep. They are soft and cuddly and I hope baby will love them, if not I will be claiming them back for myself :-)

If you have or know of any little people, then bookmark this website and have a browse in your leisure time. Guarantee you will come back and tell me how cute everything is.

Sarah x


  1. Hi Sarah xx Glad you found something in the end. Their soft toy range is just adorable isn't it? I'm loving sleepy sheep - he's gorgeous xx

    1. yes, adorable :) I saw my friend at weekend and she loved it so I'm really pleased, thank you for sharing a great company on your blog