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Lists: Natural and Organic Skincare for Children

Natural and Organic Skincare for Children
A while back I was chatting on #allergyhour about skincare and there were a number of parents looking for suggestions for children with sensitivities and eczema. My number one piece of advice for young and old alike is ditch products with sulphates (SLS/SLES) and artificial colours and fragrances. If you or your child is hyper-sensitive then be mindful of essential oils are they contain allergens.

I have previously blogged about skincare for babies and wet wipes should you wish to read these articles I have linked them. I am always asked about shampoo for sensitive scalps and my personal favourite is Odylique's Gentle Herb. Many of the brands I have reviewed over the years might not have a dedicated children’s range but products would suit the whole family and anything fragrance free would be ideal.

I’m going to list out brands that I think are worth looking at for your family. I did put out a request for brands to come forward but it was tumbleweed across Twitter so I did the legwork. I've used products from a number of these brands but others are new to me. Some of these brands I would consider "free from" rather than 100% natural but what they all have in common is the understanding that certain ingredients are considered undesirable in skincare. Please do check websites for ingredients if you have specific allergies.

If you are interested in places I shop then check out my favourite retailers, some of them stock the above products - click here. Also thought I'd throw in one last brand, Jack n Jill Toothpaste, not skincare related but great product for kids.

Sarah x

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