Frequently Repurchase Products of 2013 featuring Desert Essence, Sarakan, Naturtint, Giovanni

Repurchase Products of 2013 featuring Desert Essence, Sarakan, Naturtint, Giovanni
If you have been following my empty posts you will have notice there are a number of products I have repurchased time and time again throughout the year. I thought it might be nice to summarise them into one blog post.

Mint Thé Refreshing Bath & Shower Therapy - my original Bodhi review was published in 2012 and my love for their products has never ceased. I was introduced to Mint Thé when I received it as a GWP, it wasn't a fragrance I thought I would enjoy but it took me by surprise. I adore the fresh minty scent and this has been a repurchase and on my Christmas/Birthday wish lists ever since.

Sarakan Mouthwash - not a sexy product I know but I do like this mouthwash, it has a pleasant taste and it helps keep my mouth healthy.

Desert Essence Red Raspberry Conditioner - I experimented with a couple of products from this hair care range and the one that stuck with me is the red raspberry conditioner. It leaves my hair silky, smooth and soft but never greasy or weighed down.

Essential Care Gentle Herb Shampoo - I think it is fair to say this is now my Holy Grail. I spent many years searching for a shampoo that did not irritate my scalp but also gave me the results I wanted. It took a while to get use to the low foaming but now I can not be without it.

Everyday Minerals Semi Matte Foundation - at the start of 2013 I wrote about how I was finally going to ditch high street foundation. I fell in love with Everyday Minerals and I've used it every day since. 

Giovanni Ultra Chic Flat Iron Styling Mist - once I discovered this product I never looked back. I often buy in bulk as I don't want to run out. Only issue I have is the website that stocks this is not the greatest and I've had issues with orders. I wish it was available elsewhere in the UK.

Naturtint - I'm cheating with this one as I've been using for many years but this is the hair dye that works for me so I have stuck with it. I like the colour options, how it doesn't make me want to pass out with toxic fumes and it appears to leave my hair in reasonable condition even after all these years of colouring.

Deep Steep - You are probably wondering why I left this one out of the picture. I frequently purchase from the brand but I always try something different. I think the body wash is probably the one item I have bought several times this year.

Let me know what products you have repeat purchased this year.

Sarah x


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