Review Viridian Essential Female Multi Vitamin

Review Viridian Essential Female Multi Vitamin
I have been taking vitamin supplements on and off over the years because I can’t escape the fact that I have food allergies and my diet lacks in certain areas. Back in December I visited a Dietitian who suggested I monitor my calcium, vitamin C and D intake as I may be lacking due to my allergy to milk, OAS to fruit and I do not eat meat.

Reviewing supplements is a bit tricky because we are all different and performance of a supplement is an individual experience. So the alternative is to explain what I look out for in a brand. I want to buy the best quality I can afford and my supplements need to be free from food allergens and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

Viridian is the leading brand of ethical vitamins. A UK based, family owned business that is committed to pure ingredients, environmental awareness and charity donation programme. They guarantee no GMOs and additives or binders and the ingredients and products are not tested on animals. More than 40% of the range is certified organic by the Soil Association. The product range is extensive from vitamins to beauty. I normally take a high street Vegan multi vitamin but since the end of April, I have been taking the Viridian Essential Female Multi.

“Formulated specifically for the needs of the 18-39 age group. Iron contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, supports normal cognitive function, the formation of red blood cells and the immune system. B6 contributes to the regulation of hormone activity. A unique blend of high quality nutrients and botanical extracts to move beyond a basic multivitamin and support optimal health and vitality.”

One thing I will mention is the capsule size is a bit large for me, I would prefer smaller. I am someone who struggles with swallowing tablets. I have been coping okay but it takes a bit of concentration and calm thoughts (that will make sense to anyone who has the same issues). I am at the top end of the recommended age bracket for the Essential Female Multi. For reference, I noticed on the website that there is a similar supplement for ladies above this age (Woman 40+ Multi Veg Caps).

I am happy to recommend Viridian Nutrition on my blog because I like what they offer in terms of product choice and company ethos. I will also say they are one of the few brands I could find that have Vegan suitable supplements especially when it comes to Vitamin D.

Sarah x

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