Review MyChelle Hello Beautiful Collection Dry

Review MyChelle Hello Beautiful Collection Dry
You’ll have noticed from recent posts that I bought the MyChelle Hello Beautiful Collection (for dry skin) to take on my trip to Porto. There were three reasons why I bought the kit - I am familiar with MyChelle as I previously reviewed some of their products, I only had cabin allowance luggage and I was curious about the Sun Shield.

This box set for dry skin contains Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser (7.5ml), Tropical Skin Smoother (7.5ml), Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum (5ml), Fruit Enzyme Mist (5ml), Deep Repair Cream (7.5ml) and Sun Shield Unscented Broad Spectrum SPF 28 (7.5ml). They are small samples but I made them last 5 days by mixing and matching depending on my needs rather than using in the Step by Step way suggested.

Review MyChelle Hello Beautiful Collection Dry
All the products were very nice but only a couple stood out to me in a way that would have me consider buying full sizes. I liked the Deep Repair cream. It left my skin feeling soft, sat well under mineral powder and felt hydrating enough to combat any dryness. The Sun Shield took me by surprise and dare I say one of the best natural sunscreen I have tried. This sunscreen gives UVA & UVB protection and contains Zinc Oxide (ZinClear™) and Titanium Dioxide. The cream massaged into my skin easily without the dreaded white cast. It did not feel heavy and I was sightseeing in 30 degree heat. Often natural sunscreens cause me heat rash but I did not experience any problems. I particularly like that it is unscented and would consider buying the full size.

Overall, the kit is a good way to introduce yourself to the MyChelle range. There are six collections in total for various skin types – Combination, Dry, Age Defense, Age Spot/UV Discovery, Sensitive, Oil/Blemish Control. You can buy direct from the MyChelle.

Have you tried any products from MyChelle? What would you recommend?

Sarah x


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