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Wedding: My Bridal Makeup

Wedding Bridal Makeup Natural Organic
I never got around to uploading this blog post before the Wedding. I mentioned a few times about experimenting with makeup for the Big Day. I had shown you a few product hauls in the run up but here is what made the final cut. I asked my sister to help me on the day and I think this covers everything we ended up using. A couple of products were missed from the picture.

Everyday Minerals Semi Matte Foundation (Rosy Beige 3C)
You’ll be familiar with Everyday Minerals because it’s the only foundation I use and I am forever talking about it. I could have gone out and found something new but instead decided to stick to what I know works well for me.

I am using this as a base for my foundation just to give me a boost and provide longevity for my mineral powder.

This was the favourite blusher out of all the ones I tried. At first I wasn’t sure about the shimmer but now I like it, this eliminates the need for a highlighter

This is a slightly pink toned shimmery cream which for someone like me who doesn’t wear makeup, gives a hint of something but without being OTT and not looking myself. I think my sister did end up applying Silk Naturals Score to give a very subtle "smoky" eye effect.

Inika Natural Mineral Eyeliner in Crystal White
I intend on using this as an inner corner and brow highlight. The Crystal White has a really nice shimmer and is soft so easy to blend out. 

Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Mascara
This mascara gives a natural boost to my lashes and doesn’t smudge, it held up for the day so I was very pleased

Silk Naturals Beach Bunny Bronzer 
I am not confident with bronzer but my sister worked her magic with this little sample I had ordered on a whim. Beach Bunny is recommended for pale skin.

This is my perfect colour, it is similar to my natural lip but just gives a little extra something without making me feel uncomfortable. I had intended using the gloss Bridesmaid but it was left out on the day.

I generally wear nail polish on my toes but have decided to go the whole way and paint my finger nails. As it was slightly out of my comfort zone I wanted colours which were natural and not too crazy but I had to have a little sparkle for my ring finger.

Sarah x

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  1. Congratulations on your wedding! I think it's very important for the bride to feel comfortable with their look on the day. It's also important for the groom to recognise his bride! There's a couple of brands new to me in your collection, although I am currently using the Pacifica mascara. I like it, but do find the brush a little too large (& I do like a large brush!), which transfers some of the product onto my eye lids....x

    1. Thanks Carrie, I haven't struggled with the mascara in the same way but I had that issue with Avril & Natorigin which I know many bloggers seem to rate

  2. Congratulations on your marriage! I also did my makeup for my wedding day 2.5 years ago, I'd had a makeup trial but wasn't keen and as Carrie said, I wanted to look like me - also why I wore my hair down as I never wear in up IRL! Also a big fan of the Madara tinting fluid, pretty sure I first got it in a LoveLula box but I've repurchased since. I did my nails in navy glitter to match my shoes but then I'm a nail blogger!

    1. Thank you, yes I've purchased the Madara tint a couple of times over the years, works well for me. Navy glitter sounds fun :)