Finalists of 4th Annual Clean Beauty Awards Announced

Finalists of 4th Annual Clean Beauty Awards Announced[I was sent the products pictured above in order to fulfill the judging role, I participated in the face wash category]

Last year I was invited to judge beauty products for the Clean Beauty Awards and the finalists have recently been announced. The Clean Beauty Awards is organized by CertClean, North America's certification for safer skincare. This year, more than 300 products from around the globe entered the Awards for consideration in 15 categories, including Face Care, Face Wash, Shampoo, Odour Care, Mascara and Lipstick.

As someone who is familiar with EU labelling regulations it was a very interesting judging experience with products from across the pond. If an international brand is sold in the EU then it must comply to our regulations but a number of products I handled didn't fall into this category (I did a little research on brands). One thing I took from the experience is the appreciation of our comprehensive labels, as someone with allergies it's particularly important. We also have stricter safety laws which I'm extremely appreciative of given that one product in my box had a questionable formulation (and I chose not to judge in it on those grounds). My judging role was enjoyable and different to other awards I've participated in. I was only asked to rate product performance so I had to set aside any other personal criteria.

Visit Clean Beauty Awards 2018 Finalists for a complete list by category. Finalists were determined by the average scores of over 80 judges around the world. The winner of each category will be announced in March/April. Among the many extraordinary brands which have been recognised as Finalists, the following brands stand out as those with two or more Finalist nominations:

100% Pure
C2 California Clean
Chorus Supernatural
Coconut Tree
Elevé Cosmetics
HAN Skincare Cosmetics
Honey & Sage Co.
INIKA Organic
La Prétentieuse
Organic Island
Soapstones Natural Skincare
Standing Stone Wellness

The winner of each category will be announced in March/April and I look forward to seeing the end results. Do you have any favourites from the list above? I'm a fan of Inika Organics.

Sarah x