Review Silvan Skincare Pure Face Cream - soothe and nourish sensitive and hyper sensitive skin

Review Silvan Skincare Pure Face Cream
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Silvan Skincare has featured a number of times on my site and my review back in 2018 for their Skin Therapy Extra Gentle Facial Oil remains popular with readers. Today I'm introducing you to one of the newly reformulated face cream, Pure. There are a total of five face creams in the collection depending on your skin type and Pure is the one intended for sensitive skin plus it's fragrance free.

You know I adore facial oils but sometimes my eczema seems to crave creams. I've never really figured out why and it's based on instinct of how my skin feels and responds. Pure is a calming moisturiser formulated with apricot, jojoba and calendula. From my perspective finding a decent cream free from essential oils has been quite a mission.

I've quickly become a fan of Silvan Skincare Pure face cream. It has a lovely whipped texture and this appeals to me because I can apply lightly or heavily depending on my requirements for that day. As someone with dermatitis I experience extremely dry skin which is exacerbated by cold weather so it's a constant battle to keep my skin hydrated. All the ingredients combined work their magic and I welcome the inclusion of cocoa butter as that's an ingredient that packs a moisturising punch.

I've been using this face cream day and night. My skin feel smooth and soft for the entire day and revived in the mornings. Once the product settles into my skin I can happily apply makeup on top. As there are no essential oils I don't have to worry about triggering allergic reactions.

Silvan Skincare is certified cruelty free under the Leaping Bunny programme and registered with the Vegan Society. I highly recommend exploring the product range from Silvan Skincare, I'm sure you will find something you will love.

Sarah x