Review Antipodes Resurrect Facial Toner

Antipodes Resurrect Facial Toner
One thing you should already know about me is I love skincare from Australia and New Zealand. When O.N.G introduced me to Antipodes Rejoice Day Cream it was love at first sight. That same tube is still going strong. When my Tropic Skincare toner ran out I was in the market to try something new. Since re-introducing toner into my routine I cannot settle on one particular brand. I have liked many which you have seen in reviews but always have an issue with fragrance. I have a very fussy sense of smell and this is what lead me to purchase Antipodes Resurrect Toner.

This toner‘s fragrance comes from Lavender and Sweet Sage and it smells like heaven to my nose.  It is a sweet scent, one which I am completely in love with.  This is not old fashioned Lavender, it’s delicate and beautiful. In terms of performance on my skin the toner is refreshing and I have no issues with irritation or break outs. My skin is glowing and that’s all I want from my skin care routine. I love the Antipodes packaging but the downside is the large glass bottle is not travel friendly so you will need to decant.  

Sarah x