Review Lamazuna Solid Deodorant Floral Scent - Sensitive

Lamazuna Solid Deodorant Floral Scent Sensitive
(gifted/unpaid/prices & ingredients correct at time of publication)

I've been testing a few products from Lamazuna over several months. I've had mixed feelings with the Solid Cocoa Butter and Cleansing Duo but the toothbrush has been a great success and I've now picked up another one for my husband.

The next product that caught my attention was the Lamazuna Solid Deodorant. I'll be completely honest and say I've found switching to a natural deodorant a headache and I'm yet to find a permanent solution. The problem is my super sensitive skin, eczema and allergy to linalool really limits the options. Budget is also an important factor especially during unemployment and the high street deodorant I've been using (for probably ten years) costs less than £1.

At a quick glance there are five Lamazuna Solid Deodorants available from Love Lula and two sensitive options in the scents Floral and Marine. The sensitive deodorants are free from sodium bicarbonate and essential oils. It contains zinc ricinoleate and diatomaceous earth to "effectively neutralize bad odours without inhibiting the natural and essential perspiration process".

Lamazuna is a zero waste brand so the deodorant doesn't have a stick container and is packaged in a cardboard box that perfectly fits the product. The cone shape is unique with a creamy texture. To apply this deodorant you simply wet with cold water and rub onto your underarms. 

So how effective is the Lamazuna Floral Scent Deodorant? From my experience, it's one of the better natural deodorants I've tried. I haven't noticed any irritations but I'm not using daily so it may need more time. From past experiences I often find with natural deos that sensitivity can develop with regular daily use. The creamy texture is soft on skin and feels like a product that is gentle and supportive to delicate skin. I enjoy the floral scent more than I first anticipated and it's long lasting but understandably fades throughout the day. Lamazuna states this deodorant is "odour-fighting" which I think holds some merit as by the end of the day if I shove my nose into my armpit I can smell my sweat. If like me you perspire a fair amount that's when natural deodorant can feel a little off putting. No one really enjoys visible sweat patches and it takes a lot to break dependence with high street antiperspirants.

If you are looking to switch to natural products and want to reduce plastic waste, then of course I'm happy to recommend Lamazuna Solid Deodorant. It's worth a try and depending on your budget £8.99 seems reasonable compared to others. 

Sarah x