My Favourite Natural Skincare Products for 2020 - Sensitive Skin prone to Eczema

top natural skincare products for 2020 sensitive skin prone to eczema
(some products featured may have been gifted, others will have been purchased)

2020 may have been shit but natural skincare has been excellent. Lets just step away from all of the world's problems and be a little selfish and indulgent. I enjoy looking back on the products that have given me some joy over the last twelve months. Skincare is self care and those of us with problem skin are often battling against exasperated conditions at times of great stress and anxiety. Let me jump in and talk about some of the products which became firm favourites.

Everyday Favourites
Most of you will already know that my routine always includes products from Balmonds, Odylique and Organii. I'm a regular customer when it comes to creams, shampoo and shower gels from these brands. I've become reacquainted with Lyonsleaf products especially after introducing a fragrance free version of their best seller Beauty Balm. I also rekindled my affections for A'kin Mild & Gentle Fragrance Free Conditioner, a product I once used regularly at the start of my green journey, long before I started blogging.

Favourite for coconut oil lovers
I love that fragrance free has been at the forefront of many new discoveries this year. With a rise in allergies and sensitivities I think it's an important focus for skincare brands. I fell hard for the fantastic Lucy Bee. I've gone through several tubes of the Reviving Cleanser and recently finished a jar of Radiance Boosting face cream. If you love coconut oil as part of your skincare routine then you are sure to become a fan.

Favourite minimalistic skincare
I've always enjoyed skincare which has a minimalistic approach to ingredients and with this in mind I welcomed Eden Days Sensitive Soul Body Butter, Minimalist Skincare Gentle Daily Cleansing Balm, Bunch Skincare Body Oil and Lily & Rabbit soaps.

Parisian Favourites
Typology was another launch which took me by surprise. I enjoyed the no-frills approach with mix and match products tailoring to individual needs. Their products are also free from essential oils. Following on with my love of minimal ingredients I particularly enjoyed using the Typology 7 Ingredient Makeup Removing Oil and 10 Ingredient Hand Balm.

There are so many brilliant small businesses out there and I hope to find more newcomers. I will do my best to continue supporting your business into 2021 which also happens to be my tenth year of running this blog. Fingers crossed for a brighter and healthier future.

Sarah x

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